The Village of Radnage is the central site in Buckinghamshire, England for training in Shotokan Karate with The IJKA(Buckinghamshire)
The Instructor is Jonathan Lyons

The International Japan Karate Association(Buckinghamshire) was formed by Jonathan Lyons in 1988 and is affiliated with Chief Instructor Sensei S. Kato’s organisation which is based in Shropshire (The IJKA)

Training includes aspects in each of the four major areas of karate, ie self defence, competition karate, physical training and mental development, and we have been successfully training students to black belt level for over 25 years.

Over the years, the IJKA(Buckinghamshire) has produced  practitioners of exceptional ability and, in the area of competition karate, some have repeatedly won prizes in national and international events. 

Anyone may join regardless of previous karate experience, age (over 15 years), or gender. Training is carried out in a systematic manner with due regard to the persons physical ability and with all care taken to avoid injury. Special sessions/times are set aside for those who wish to take part in competition orientated free sparring.

The training is in the traditional Shotokan style of karate, but members from other karate organisations are always welcome to attend any of our sessions.

The IJKA(Buckinghamshire) is a non-profit making organisation but a small fee is charged to cover the costs of the training hall (currently £4 per person per session, however all members of the same family can train for a total fee of £4).

Our Chief Instructor Sensei S. Kato holds regular training courses and grading examinations.  

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